What’s on My Summer Playlist?

It’s summer time again and as the weather heats up, so should our playlist. What are some of the songs blazing up my playlist this season? Keep reading to find out.

alkaline formula.jpg

  1. Formula– Alkaline

Whether you are a fan of Alkaline or not, you must admit, di yute hab some catchy tune.  Formula is about working hard and stuntin’ on the haters as you reap the benefits. While you’re sculpting your body for summer, (no folks, it isn’t too late), Formula is bound to get you moving with its upbeat tempo.



  1. Fire and Desire– Drake

I was never a Drake fan. Not even a mega- hit like Hotline Bling got me into his music. BUT, this Views album is doing things and changing lives…. Well, maybe changing lives is a bit of an over exaggeration but you get the idea. Fire and Desire probably won’t get you moving like Formula but with lines like, “You a real ass woman and I like it” and “I need you inspired, I need you excited,” this song just heats up my emotions.



  1. One Dance– Drake ft. Kyla and Wizkid

“Baby, I like your style…” Lawd, can I tell you how much of a feel good song this is? The African inspired hit makes you want to do a little jug and has rather PG 13 lyrics that should probably sit well with most audiences. But if you haven’t already picked it up from Alkaline being featured on my list… quite a bit of unwholesome lyrics are permissible by me.

popcaan od

  1. Ova Dweet– Popcaan

Before the full audio was released on YouTube in April, a flatmate and I were blasting the teaser like it was the real thing. That’s how hype this song is. And by its over 3 million views at the time of posting, I anticipate that this song will continue to be played frequently at summer events.


  1. On Di Beach– Vybz Kartel

“Roll up pan di sand like waves did…” I know this is an older song but every time I hear it I just feel good. The Cure Pain Riddim featured a lot of good songs with each artiste bringing a different aspect to the rhythm. Not only were the topics were different but there were little tweaks added to the rhythm for On Di Beach and other songs that added something a little special to each tune. On Di Beach will probably always be a favourite of mine ‘cause regardless of where you are in life, sometimes, you just want to be mentally transported to the beach and this song does just that.


  1. Feel Good– Popcaan

Popcaan with his singy- songy goodness just outdid himself with this one. The song, produced by Notnice is perfect to grind to. “Baby mek mi tell yuh why mi love yuh so much…,” are some of the lyrics featured on this super sexy, sizzling track and I’m sure the ladies will get excited when this track is played at summer parties.


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