Of gods and energies.

As an island gal, I’ve done my sentence of hard labour in the religious field. However, after a series of events, I am now not religious, spiritual nor any of the fanciful words used by people to describe their relationship  with the unknown, unseen and unproved. I respect that people use religion and other belief systems to deal with life but what I do not understand is the use of religion to avert the progress of one’s life by refusing to deal with issues within oneself.

People who embrace religions and the belief of positive and negative energies oftentimes seem to believe that they spew rainbows, butterflies, peace, and happiness… however, quite often, the contrary is true. People seem to easily dismiss their role in how people view and respond to them. They are the ones always wrongfully being met by opposition by persons who can’t stand to see them shine and by all means must separate themselves from the negative energy or have the bad vibes revoked in the name of Jesus. Sometimes, we get what we give. I will not be as presumptuous to insinuate that everything that we are met with is the result of our actions and I believe in having a positive mindset but I don’t take it to the mystical, esoteric levels that other people do.  A lot of religious people, namely Christians in the Caribbean that have interacted with, have a mentality of entitlement. As a “Child of God” they should be treated well, get the promotion at work and a host of other great things. I remember hearing of a Christian woman who was acting in a position at work and being a deaconess at her church, she would be called upon from time to time to lead prayers. Once, while leading the church in prayer, she  got into mentioning her taking on the position at work and aggressively said her subordinates that were giving her trouble “WILL submit”…. of course, in the name of Jesus.  Although there may be some opposition to climbing the upper echelons of the workplace and the usual “bad-mind” that we Caribbean people like to blame for people not favouring us, there is also the reality that people may sometimes have difficulty with adapting to change. There could also be the chance that she was not conducting her new duties efficiently that caused people to be displeased with her. It could also be that she lead with an iron fist. But instead of considering these possibilities, she made it into a holy war.

Now allow me to address the energy folks. I remember working on an event that started about an hour after it was scheduled to start. As you could imagine, in the between time of when it should have started and when it actually started, people who attended were getting agitated. A young lady who was working on the event with me then said, ” I can’t take being around the negative energy”. Seriously, though?  People getting agitated ought to be expected because our event is starting late. How people are reacting is based off of our own inefficiencies and not their malice. Too often have I seen people blame other people for being the cause of chaos, for being standoffish and a host of other negative things only to realise upon deeper inspection that the persons doing the blaming are only projecting their insecurities and hang-ups on other people.

It’s a difficult world out there and I understand that  belief systems can help people deal with this craziness called life. I know there are MANY straight up haters in the world. I know that we can put our best foot forward and still not be well received. But what I do know is that too many people enjoy hiding under the veil of religion and mystical beliefs that counter their own progress because instead of taking the time to look the ugly truth in the eye. Taking the time to reflect on ourselves and hold ourselves accountable for our own progress or setbacks will prove to be more rewarding as we take the power out of the hands of others and take practical steps at improving ourselves. We shouldn’t be afraid to look people in the eye and address issues that we have with them if it becomes necessary and furthermore, we shouldn’t be afraid to look at ourselves. It’s a look worth taking and when we are honest with ourselves and resolve to improve who we are from the inside out, the results will be beneficial.


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