Living every moment

Sometimes when we think of “living life” or “living life to the fullest” we think about what it is that we can acquire so that we can start “living”. We have to be able to vacation in Dubai… this summer of course, lose 30 pounds to fit perfectly into the new Victoria’s Secret tiny bikini and feel fabulous. But, what do we do in the interim? Are our breaths between our goals in vain? No, babe. Live now and enjoy every moment of it. Recently, I’ve been enjoying the little things in life… trying a different treat at the pastry stand, trying on a new outfit… simple ish. It could be something as simple as finding out what make- up looks work for you or what job you want to work, remember you only have one life to live and don’t be afraid to live it. Don’t be afraid at to try new things and don’t let naysayers keep you from going after what you want, all you will do is wind up resenting the person and resenting yourself. All of our ambitions may not work out but the thing about trying is that we learn, we learn about ourselves, our strengths, weaknesses and what we can do to make improvements for self development. So set goals and ferociously go after them, but don’t hold your breath in between .  Little things add flavour to life, so why not enjoy them?


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