Is Youth Really Wasted on the Young?

Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw said, “Youth is wasted on the young”, but is it? I don’t think it is. My interpretation of the statement is that people in their youth do not take advantage of the countless opportunities available to them by virtue of their age; but I affirm that I am not worthy of saying that life is ever wasted on anyone. I think that if we choose to make decisions that may not be applauded by¬† the majority of persons viewing our lives through a microscope, those decisions are still ours to make. It doesn’t mean that our time was wasted. Sometimes, we make mistakes, something that is innate to the human experience but mistakes give us experience and allow us to learn and grow from them if we choose to. If we choose to live our lives going through the same things over and over again… I conclude it is still a valid life to live as our lives are our own.

Life is not as simple as black and white. There are varying shades of grey peaking out at every crevice and sometimes we have to go through things for ourselves to learn. Life is more than well meaning self-help books. Sometimes, our emotions even keep us from understanding what books or other advisers are trying to say. Our lives are our own to live and our own to learn by.

We are all presented with opportunities regardless of our age and sometimes people believe that they are “too old” to fulfill a life-long dream. In some cases, they resist the earnest urges of their hearts because they value pride over actual accomplishment. Too afraid of being the oldest person in a class, too old to learn to read, too old to dream. There are more factors than youth that keep a person from fulfilling their dreams. It is our choice to prioritize which obstacles are worth getting over to accomplish our heart’s desire.

Do not despair. Drawing the breath of life is enough to make the most of the life you have now with where you are and what you have. Do not be afraid of “wasting your life” or “wasting your youth”. We are humans and mistakes will try to cripple and inhibit our progress; but stand assured that you can overcome and live until you die.